Thursday, November 3, 2011

CRT PLANS - 111105-07

  • Members of our New Placement Group Constituted on 27/10/2011..

    1. Dr. T.P. Sasikumar, HoD-MBA
    2. Mrs. K Lalitha Bai, HoD-H&S
    3. Mrs. M Sheetal Reddy, H&S
    4. Mr. B. Satyanarayana, H&S
    5. Mr. Mayank Sharma, H0D-MCA
    6. Mr. K Kiram Reddy, CSE
    · · · October 28 at 11:51am
      • Sasikumar Drtps I have offered my self to conduct full sunday sessions in the CITY (Ramananthapur / ECIL / Uppal) - at any facility available for the Recruitment Training Program. This need to run in a continuous mode. This was discussed at various forums and a few students had shown interest on my chat / FB. The team is constituted and the responsibility is given to the present coordinator in the college to initiate the action. I guess some action immediate is essential to support the students.
        October 29 at 7:33pm · · 4
      • Sasikumar Drtps ‎9502038875 /
        October 29 at 7:33pm · · 4
      • Sasikumar Drtps Today spoke to EEE 4th year.. found that they are interested in having CC/CRT .. Hope will have some action to find some time for this in the session plan.
        23 hours ago · · 3
      • Nikhil Korada we are really happy that our faculty n college are planning to do sumthg better for us.......Sir, but i hav a request that plz conduct day to day basis or weekly basis mock placmnt xams so that we cn improve in aptitude n verbal skills and also check our selves where we stand in the entire college and even we cn hav sum cutoff fr jst knwg the acurate clearing %of students.......
        15 hours ago · · 3
      • Manu Raju thank u so much sir...:)
        4 hours ago ·
      • Sasikumar Drtps We had a meeting on the basis of my inputs from EEE and CSE Department 4th year students and my proposal to conduct the session in the city (may at Ramananthapur). We plan to schedule 3 (three) days session 5th (Saturday) to 7th (Monday). This saturday 5th Saturday may be H&S department Mrs. Lalitha Bai + Mrs. Sheethal (English Faculties) may Handle Grammar / Language Usage. 6th - 7th (Sunday-Monday) will handle Reasoning / Comprehension / Common mistakes in English etc. Apart from Career Counseling. SMS is sent to all those without backlogs asking to confirm participation on sms/email. This response will be the baseline for the schedule for the Holiday Sessions.
        2 hours ago · · 3
      • Sasikumar Drtps Idea is to give the first start .... take-off with this and then provide sample questions in these lines.. (may be through email) and every week may be 2hours in the college / + Holiday Sessions - Sessions explaining the logics / give more samples in the same lines..
        2 hours ago · · 1
      • Sasikumar Drtps More practical sample question oriented activity based classes are being planed. If any one of you have questions that are to be discussed / if you have collected some questions : PLEASE EMAIL copy of the material / sample papers to
        2 hours ago · · 1
      • Sasikumar Drtps Pass-on the information to those who are concerned... THANK YOU - DrTPS
        2 hours ago · · 2
      • Sri Kanth Thank yu sir ......
        about an hour ago ·

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