Tuesday, June 28, 2011

110627-29 -- STP

Dear Sir,
IT was my privilege to be a part of three day training program. I really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. As you said honing of skills from time to time is necessary, I feel this kind of training was needed and should be frequently conducted. The session was inspiring and after long I met a real guru, who thinks so much for the benefit of the society and the students. The three day program made me confident professionally and also I feel I couldn't make people to feel my absence. People always said I have a lot of pride, I never realized or tried to deliberately hurt anyone. Now I feel my actions/ words/ behavior offended my near and dear. There is a change in me, I could see and people also observe a change. Thank you Sir.

I know mere Thanks will not express what I learnt. I promise to share all the things which I learnt.

With Regards
Sheetal Reddy


Thank u very much sir
sir it was nice time, and we learnt many things, especially u were like encyclopedia for me,
u know each and every thing any topic u were awesome i never met a person like that before
i will be keep in touch with u,

thanking you



Thank you very much sir for updating us with the new teaching methods as well as imparting the knowledge about the traditional methods.
I am personally very much inspired by this three days programme. i am also proud to be associated with a great person like you with all the hope for the same in the future thank you once again.

sabitha reddy

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